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From the hireing to the catering! VIP Tailor Made Just for you!


The sky is the Limit with this Spcieal Package, We Will arrange a personal meeting with one of our party planners and will make your dreams come true.


We know your name means alot so we pride to make sure your name is well acknowledge by the guest and they will feel you are part from all aspects of this great simcha. 


Prices is just an estimate what others spend for such amount of guest!



V.I.P. Kiddush קדיש

  • A mixture of fresh and dry goods Food for religious purpose


    A Kiddush (/ˈkɪdɪʃ/; Hebrew: קידוש‎ [ki'duʃ], [qid'duːʃ]), literally, "sanctification," is a blessing recited over wine or grape juice to sanctify the Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Additionally, the word refers to a small repast held on Shabbat or festival mornings after the prayer services and before the meal. However the saying Kiddush refers to many time on the birth of a baby girl and is celebrated Shabbos Morning After prayers while making Kiddush

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