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VIP From the hireing to the catering! Tailor Made Just for you! The sky is the Limit with this Spcieal Package, We Will arrange a personal meeting with one of our party planners and will make your dreams come true.We know your name means alot so we pride to make sure your name is well acknowledge by the guest and they will feel you are part from all aspects of this great simcha. Prices is just an estimate what others spend for such amount of guest!


Catering example:

Assorted Herring's in Glassw Bowls and Platters, 5 sorts of Fish Platters, Sharp Spirit Bar ( Alcohal We do Not sell but can go buy on your behalf) Suggest 2 boxes mix whiskys and sharps, plus 2 boxes wines. 

Trays Lekech,Cream Cakes & Fruit Tarts with minitures, Fruit Cups , Clear Fancy Paper Goods or real Plates, Nush, Nuts, Sweets, Soft Drinks plus fresh orange juice etc.., Hot Station: Overnight Golden Kugal, Yershalmi Kugal Shtirimel, Slice Meaty Kishga, Marrow Chulent, Mini Bites ( mini susages blanks, Mini Salt Beff Sanwiches)  Gala with Crackers, Meat Platters, Greaven, Fresh Punch.


Party Planner:

Will seat down to disscucss the above and the following 

Wine Stand area with Yid Serving, Bar Station with Led Lighting & Professonal Bar Attendar, Chair's, Table's, Table Cloth, Centre Peices like FLowers or candles.

Wall Lighting, Plant Mechitzer. Waiter's & Cleaners.

V.V.I.P. . קידושא רבא kiddush

£6,999.00 Regular Price
£5,999.00Sale Price
  • A mixture of fresh and dry goods Food for religious purpose


    A Shalom Zachar, is a gathering which takes place in Ashkenazi Jewish circles on the first Friday night after a baby boy is born. Although intended to "console" the newborn, the get-together is treated as a happy occasion. Wikipedia

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