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Assorted Fish:

Indvisual Challah's

^Starter: Salmon, Fried Fish, Smoked Salmon, Fishballs, Dressing : Vegtables

^Dips& Salads 1/2 Liter Techina,Tomatoe Dip, Charayn, Mayoniase, Cucumber, Potatoe Salad

^Assorted Meaty Cold Cuts & Hot Potatoe Kugal


All comes ready on Platters, no need to prepair and just open lid and place on centre of table

^Basic Paper Gooods: Cups, Plates,Forks,Knife, Spoon & Napkin + 1 packet Lchaim Cups

^+ 1 bottle grape juice per order


Yes Hot Food

No extra items

No real crockery

Yes Challahs

Yes Drinks

Economy Cold Meal

  • A mixture of fresh and dry goods Food for religious purpose


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